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Signature A - S


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Sprout's signature line of unglazed clay pots is designed to give you a sense of Sprout's unique sensibility. The overall shape is seamless and sleek, the top and bottom finished with a slight curve to add a touch of warmth despite its heavy shape. The drip tray and pot body have been designed to fit together perfectly so that it can be neatly displayed on furniture and tables. Made with terracotta, your plant roots will enjoy the breathable porous material – in addition, it comes with a drainage hole at the base of the pot so that there is ample ventilation.


Dimensions | Approximately 10cm (⌀) x 9cm (pot h) / 11cm (incl. drip tray)

Please note that this batch of pots is slightly smaller than previous ones.

Due to the handmade nature of this planter, please expect slight flaws and differences from what you see on our website.

Made in Korea.