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Pearl Moon Pot - 09


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Glazed using a magnetic powder to create the pearlescent effect then fired at a high temperature, Sprout's Moon Pot is a design that reinterprets the shape of a traditional moon jar into a planter. The warm cream colored body has a soft and fine texture, and fine black particles are visible. The outside of the pot retains the beautiful texture of the body, and the inside is glazed so that the beauty of the outer surface is preserved.

Since it is not breathable and has no water holding power, it is recommended that the pot be used with a chunkier mix. Comes with a drainage hole.

It now comes with a matching saucer too! Add both the pot & saucer into your cart separately to purchase a full set.

Pot — Approximately 9cm (mouth ⌀) x 11.5cm (h)
Saucer — 11.5cm (mouth ⌀) x 1.5cm (h)

Due to the handmade nature of this planter, please expect slight flaws and differences from what you see on our website.

Made in Korea.