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Drum Pot


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This pot is from Sprout's "Past&Present" collection, which takes inspiration from traditional Korean objects such as mortar and paper, simplifying them into modern, understated curves that celebrate Korean beauty and serving a functional purpose. Using a manual process, this pot is formed by cutting through the clay multiple times to create a smooth curve that connects the top and bottom.

Made with terracotta, your plant roots will enjoy the breathable porous material – in addition, it comes with a drainage hole at the base of the pot so that there is ample ventilation. The drum pot is separated into two parts, and the lower part can be used as a water tray.

Entire pot — 11cm (⌀) x 16cm (h)
Upper part (plantable area) — 11cm (⌀) x 11cm (h)

Due to the handmade nature of this planter, please expect slight flaws and differences from what you see on our website.

Images from Sprout.

Made in Korea.